Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a 9” forming belt with 10” forming tubes?

No. Forming belt & forming tubes must be the same size (E.G.- 9” BELT WITH 9” TUBES) or bagels will not be shaped properly. We suggest buying a forming belt and forming tubes at the same time when you decide to replace forming tubes.

The rubber coating is peeling/flaking/melting off my bagel machine drive pulley, can I just replace the coating?

No. The drive pulley is specially coated at the factory during manufacturing. Many customers find they must also replace the drive shaft at the same time as the drive pulley. Quite often the shaft becomes rusted onto the pulley and cannot be removed from the machine without cutting it off.

I need to change a belt on my bagel machine. What is each belt called?

The infeed belt is approx. 3.44” wide 106-1/2” length and is the belt that 1st feeds dough into machine (top belt). All infeed belts are one size for single machines.

The takeaway belt is approx. 5.77” wide 61.25” length. This belt transfers dough from the divider into the former.

The forming belt is the widest belt on the Bagel Former can be 7” wide for mini bagels up to 10” wide for the largest bagels.

If I place an order for parts today, how long will it take to ship out?

Orders usually ship the same day, if the part you need is in stock. If an in-stock part is urgently needed we can ship it Next Day Air, even Early AM and Saturday delivery anywhere in the U.S.

Parts order must be placed by 12pm Eastern Standard Time to qualify for same day shipping.