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Triple Action ARTOFEX® Mixer



Visibility of mix to control dough development Bakers can view dough at all times to produce perfect-consistency doughs for Any desired type of bread, rolls, sweetgoods, biscuits, pies, pastries, Fillings, meat items, salads, soups, cheeses, etc.

Mix salads and fruits without breakage Gentle 3-way agitation insures thorough mixing without damage to salad Ingredients without breakage of fruits... Without grinding all spices or nuts. One single triple action mixer can mix just about everything. Various consistency doughs for all baked goods... Salads... Meats... Fruit cakes... Vegetable Mixes... Soups...

heavy cast frame

Safety Features: see through bowl shield on solid metal frame for operator protection to prevent coming in contact with moving arms. When shield is lifted, machine automatically shuts off due to limit switch wired into main NEMA type control.

start-stop - jog-reset (Timer option)

one-speed, totally enclosed, fan-cooled - 220/360/480 volt/3 phase/60 hz. Optional 2-speed motor available for special purpose mixing.

Mixing arms:
stainless steel - several different types

Mixing bowl:
stainless steel - removable

Bowl drive system:
manual operated or pneumatic operated (by compressed air)

white enamel or Kanigen electroless nickel plated.

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