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Welcome to Excellent Bakery Equipment, the authorized Licensee of the ARTOFEX® Trademark for the USA and representatives for Daub Bakery Equipment.

ARTOFEX Machines and replacement parts. Parts shipped the same day if required.
Spare parts and belts for Excellent, Excelsior, Empire, BMD, Baking Machines, Benier, Excalibur,
and others in stock.

Bagel Forming Belts for most Bagel Formers.
Bagel Belts infeed and take-away for most Bagel Dividers.
Belts for Sheeters, Proofers, etc.

Acessories, spare parts, and belts shipped 24/7 to all USA destinations.
Contact us for more information and pricing.

Aluminum Bagel Peel Set                Wooden Bagel Peel Set                Kettle Scoop                Natural Hair Oven Brush               
Aluminum Peel Set       Wooden Peel Set                 Kettle Scoop                    Oven Brush              
Blade and Handle            Blade and Handle                 Chrome Plated                     Natural Hair           

Bagel Bake-out Boards                Replacement Clips                Wooden Proof Board                Fiberglass Proof Board               
Bakeout Boards           Replacement Clips      Wooden Proof Boards      Fiberglass Proof Boards
w/2 clips to hold burlap    for aluminum boards    18"x26",7 ply,radius corners          18"x26"

Leather Oven Gloves                Burlap Roll for Bagel Boards                Wooden Kettle Stirrer                Terrycloth Gloves               
Oven Gloves                       Burlap Roll               Bagel Kettle Stirrer          Terrycloth Gloves
Leather,Sold in pairs   for bagel boards,100% jute       wooden,mapleknit             wrist,sold in pairs

High Temp Oven Grease                USDA Food Machinery Grease                Perforated Aluminum Baking Pan                Aluminum Bun Pan               
USDA Food Oven       USDA Food Machinery     Perforated Baking Pan      Aluminum Bun Pan
Grease                        Grease
High Temperature                                                      Aluminum,18x26,non-stick     1" lip,18x26                  

Commercial Muffin Pans                Plastic Display Trays                Vinyl Rack Cover                20 Pan Proof Rack               
Commercial Muffin Pans   Display Trays             Vinyl Rack Cover       20 Pan Proof Rack
Jumbo & Medium Sizes       Plastic, White,18x26        clear,heavy duty,         aluminum,double-reinforced,
                                                                                  w/zipper,endloading        w/heavy duty casters

30 Pan Proof Rack                 Bagel Display Basket                Bagel Display Basket                Stacking Baskets               
30 Pan Proof Rack          Bagel Display Basket   Bagel Display Basket    Stacking Baskets
aluminum,double-reinforced,   chrome plated                  chrome plated                   chrome plated
w/heavy duty casters                 14"x20"x6"                      18"x24"x8"                   21"x26 1/2"x11"
Dollies                Dunnage Racks                Water Measuring Meters               
Stack Basket Dollies     Dunnage Racks             Water Measuring Meters
steel,heavy duty,               Aluminum, 24"x48"           amount and temperature
on casters

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